Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Since I haven't crafted in over a week I've been itcing to post something. So here are some baked crafts we made for my son's preschool Halloween party:

These spiders are covered in dark chocolate frosting and then rolled in a mix of black sprinkles and black edible glitter. We stuck in black twizzler legs and m&m eyes.

For the pumpkins we piped on orange frosting and added pieces of green twizzlers for the stem. The tendrils were made using the same twizzler cut into then strips, coiled and stuck into the frosting.

Mummies! Cupcakes were smoothed in white frosting. We added m&m eyes, piped on black pupils, and added a candy fruit slice for the mouth. Then with a straight tip pipe on the bandages.

Nothing fancy or too much work because they are preschoolers and wouldn't appreciate anything more intricate!


And I wanted to share the costume I made for the baby. He was Jack-Jack from The Incredibles!
I took a red sleeper (which is his brother's old one and still way too big for him!). I covered the blue collar and cuffs with black felt that I stitched on. For the logo I drew it out onto paper and cut it out to make a template. I cut out the pieces of yellow felt and glued them onto a black oval. I pulled out my scrapbooking supplies and used chalk to add some orange to fade into the outer yellow pieces, which now that I look at it you can't see it too well in this photo. I sewed on a couple pieces of velcro to attach over the zipper and still be able to get it off. I even made a super cute little black mask. He let me measure it by holding it up to his face several times to make sure it was the right size. But then when it came time to actually wear it he wanted NOTHING to do with it. The little monster. It would have been SOOOO cute. But I was able to spike his hair like Jack-Jack at least. : )

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