Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Faulker Satherhood. And some undies.

Well I haven't made any time for crafting lately. My kids are FINALLY out of school though. Man Washington schools seem to go on forever. We've never lived anywhere with such a late last day of school. But they are out and now I am trying to keep them all entertained! We have workbooks, chore time, exercise time,  reading time, and outdoor play time. The funny thing is that they don't mind any of it. They actually really like having a bit of a schedule. They have really enjoyed helping out in the garden and watching plants grow and then picking fruit to eat.  I love that they love that!

Anyway, they are taking most of my time now. But I don't mind in the least :)

 This is the first thing I made in like a month.
It was a Father's Day card for my husband.

So does anyone get the sentiment??? I hope someone out there does!

Well here's the story in case you don't.  If you don't desire to click over I'll just paraphrase and say it was a Father's Day cake gone terribly awry. For some reason my husband and I find it terribly amusing. And we refer back to it every year on this date.

I decided to turn it into a card. Why not??
And if I wasn't rolling with enough laughter to begin with I {for some reason} decided I needed underwear as embellishments. Just as random as the sentiment I guess.
 The underwear are from Unity Stamps' set called Change is a Good Thing.
Perhaps I have been spending too much time with three little boys but I find this extremely funny!

Well, folks that's my laugh right now. Underwear humor. It can't be avoided when you mother 3 boys.

Thanks for stopping by. 
I'm linking up to Unity's FWF hop. Come comment for your chance to win some stamps!