Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tame Your Rebel Week 1

M is for Manual. Who knew?? Okay, I did know that much. But not too much more. About my camera that is. I am thoroughly embarrassed to say that I have had my camera almost two years now and I haven't read my manual nor managed to take a photo outside of the Auto setting. It's sad, but true.

I've tried looking online for fun blogs or tutorials to help but they either want a ton of money or are already too advanced for me. I learned that Tiffany from Making the World Cuter has a series on her photography blog that just might be what I'm looking for. She's teaching us how to use our Canon Rebel or other DSLR properly. THANKS, Tiffany!!

It turns out I happen to have a Canon Rebel XSI. Perfect.
never mind the dirty lens and the even dirtier bathroom mirror.

Her first assignment of Tame Your Rebel (as she calls it!) is to find a landscape and to turn the dial to Manual and use the shutter dial to adjust the exposure. I didn't even know what that dial was for. I kid you not. No idea. I excitedly ran outside and shot a few frames, mostly of the kids, and ran back in. I guess I could have tried harder but I was just too excited!

So here are my unedited, straight from the camera photos I took. Well, I compressed them so they wouldn't take days to upload, but other than that they are unedited:


So....nothing spectacular, but I am loving the exposure. And I love even more that I know how to use that dial!!


Jocelyn Olson said...

I was not loving the title of your post, but I am loving all the pics! Your boys are so cute. Have fun with the series!

Jennifer Rzasa said...

Your photos are great!