Saturday, March 5, 2011

Baby Name Plaques

Here's a gift I made for a friend's new baby. I started with 3 of these inexpensive wooden plaques:

I painted them a sage green with a brown border to go with the nursery colors she had. I then cut out letters from patterned paper for her name to match the jungle animal theme:

I could not find the hardware I wanted for these (small D rings) in my small town. So my husband found these for me in the hardware store. They just came in a clear bag without a label so I have no idea what they are called or what their real purpose is. If you know please tell me!

I hammered two in each plaque and ran white ribbon through them:

I tied as pretty of a bow as I was capable of  : \ 

These are them all together! Esa is short for Esabelle, in case you're wondering. They look much better hanging up in her room than they do in these photos.


Marlene said...

Just gorgeous!!! What a fantastic project! (And don't you just love when hubbies get involved and help us out?)

Angie Blom said...

Hi Amber thanks for dropping by my blog today. the She Art workshop is here, Christy has a class starting in April.. you will love it.

Khristen said...

Cute, cute! I love the paper, and what a pretty name she has!

3 cheers to hubby for helping :) Mine is always bringing back goodies from the hardware store to play with if something catches his eye.

Callie said...

I have a friend who's having her first soon and I love this idea!

Newly GFC following you (found you through the Follow Along Linky). I'm new to blogging and working on redecorating a condo from scattered-still-looks-like-college-hodgepodge-meets-man-cave and changing it into a cohesive home. One little bit of inspiration and small project at a time. My blog has all sorts of things that make me smile plus I'm cataloging my fashion and home decorating inspiration there as well. And once I've got a few before and after pictures, I'll be sharing my projects.

Love your blog--thank you for sharing your projects--I just love bloggyland for all the fabulous inspiration and I definitely try to follow anyone who has similar tastes to me and good projects!

Signs Plaques said...

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