Friday, July 29, 2011

Cuter Than Most

project #1 of 100

This is my Unity Friends with Flair Friday post!
And (surprise!) there is no paper involved...

As soon as I saw the Cuter Than Most set at Unity I knew I had to have it and I knew I wanted to make this shirt for the babe!

I used pigment ink to stamp the image and sentiment and since I don't have pigment markers I had to use some pen nibs and my ink pads to color in the image. I heat set the ink embossing gun to help it stay. I wasn't really sure this would work but tought I'd try it anyway. If not, then I was only out one baby shirt. There's still about 23 left in the closet!

I haven't sent the shirt through the washing machine yet but I did get it wet in the sink and let it sit a bit and nothing ran.

And here is my little model who I think is cuter than most! I had to bribe him with a banana to sit still. And the shirt wasn't even completely dry yet.  : )

Yes. Definitely cuter than most!

Happy Friday Friends!


Ruby said...

This is such a cute project.

jennifer mitten said...

This is adorable as is your model:-)

Penny said...

he's getting so big

Jocelyn Olson said...

Yep, definitely cuter than most! I love your idea for onesies. So adorable!

Jen said...

Oh my gosh - cute! Both the onesie and model! What a handsome little guy!

sharon g said...

great, adorable idea.

ineedfabulous2 said...

ahhhh! i want to give him a big squeeze!! he REALLY looks like his daddy!
i am taking your 100 project challenge... not because i like it but because i am SO GUILTY of buying more then i am making. i have made 6 cards so far.
ugh!!!! this is taking forever!!!
lots of love auntie darrin

Roslyn said...

Oh, that is cute! And the babe is even more so! Great use of stamping!