Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Trio of Valentines

I finally convinced both my boys to let me make their class valentines this year! They always love picking out their favorite licensed characters at the store. But they were kind enough to let me make them this time!
First up is my 6-year-old's Army man:
This is our interpretation of this original idea. He loves all things boy and Army and this was perfect for him!
My 2-year-old saw big brothers getting cards and wanted his own too. I'm sure you've seen several fishbowl ideas all over the internet and Pinterest. Some have Swedish fish, some Goldfish. Lots of "Glad we're in the same school" sentiments. But he isn't in school. So we adapted this sentiment instead. It says I o'fish'ally like you, Valentine!
I found the image in a Word clip art and sized it to fit in these clear goody bags and added the sentiment. Just throw in some Goldfish crackers (because what 2-yo doesn't love those!) and you're done. Try this doc I made if you'd like to make these yourself.
And finally is my 8-year-old's ipod. he just received his first mp3 player for Christmas and is really loving music right now so these were just perfect! Original idea is from Spoonful (formerly Family Fun magazine). They used mini peanut butter cups, but I chose to use Hershey's kisses like she did here.
Spoonful gives you a premade scrollwheel and playlist and one you can customize but there is only one to print at a time. I needed way too many for that. So I created my own and am sharing them here and here to save you time! I hope these work - I've never tried sharing a doc before!
I started by cutting cardstock to 4" x 6 1/4" (I got 3 out of 12"x12" cardstock)
Then I scored at the 2.5", 3", 5.5", and 6" marks.
Below you can see the score marks and where the printouts will go too. You can add them before or after assembly.
Then you'll just fold on the score marks and tape shut. I used my tape runner to run tape on that last 1/4" of cardstock and taped that to the inside of the box.
Now for the earbuds I taped 12" lengths of twine to 2 Hershey's kisses (make sure you remove the flag from the candy). You can use round stickers if you have them. I did not. So I punched paper circles and placed them on glue dots.
 Then the glue dot stickers were used to tape twine to the kisses.
To attach to the candy I punched a hole in the side of the box. A standard hole punch was too big and my mini punch was too small. So I just punched three small holes with the mini to get a good sized hole.
Feed the middle of the twine through the hole and tie a knot on the inside. I kinda placed my holes too high. Put them a little lower and they'll look like they are plugged in!

My son really wanted m&m candies so we put a little Fun Size bag inside. I just used a glue dot to attach. The bags are kinda waxy and won't pull the glue dot off the sheet. So I had to pull it off with my fingers and stick it to the candy and then press on the inside of the cardstock.
 You could use any candy of any thickness by just adjusting the scoremarks to make this box thicker than half an inch.

 Here are some of the many that we made!
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Jessica said...

They are all super cute cards! I'm loving that ipod though. Way to go mom!

Cristine said...

Wow! These are all so perfect! I LOVE the ipods! SO CUTE!

Julie Koets said...

You are an awesome mom! What lucky boys you have! These are super cute.

Bella's mama said...

Love these. So cute!

Jingle said...

Ipods!!!! These are so stinking adorable!!!

Jocelyn Olson said...

These are so awesome! I have to say, the battlefield card made me LOL--I love that idea!!

Betsy Pool said...

Such cute ideas!! Very creative. Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime!!