Tuesday, June 22, 2010 dinner time

This was one of those days when my 4-yr-old didn't take a nap (they are becoming more and more frequent)! By dinner time he was exhausted. Typically I need to call my kids several times before they make it to the table for dinner. But, on this night he was so tired, hungry, delirious that he managed to get pajamas on AND get to the table before dinner was even served. Poor kid was falling asleep before eating. I managed to quickly get dinner done before he was out for good. This was him waiting to eat:

And this was him after dinner. Watch as he slowly falls to the table...

I just thought it was too cute! I HAD to snap some pics! And Daddy was right there ready to catch him in case he fell. He made it to bed about 5 seconds after this shot was taken!

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