Thursday, September 1, 2011

Teacher Survival Kits

Projects #25-#27 of 100 (I'm counting each card and box set as only 1)

So this year for teacher gifts I decided to make a Teacher Surival Kit! I've seen the idea alot but stumbled on this one on pinterest and decided to try some.

We have 2 kindergarten teachers and 1 second grade teacher. These photos are horrible. I know. I literally took them in the morning last minute as we were scrambling to get out the door. They are crooked and weirdly colored and you can see my shadow. : ) I'm sorry!

Surprisingly, the boxes in my store's jewelry and craft section didn't have customizable inserts! Really? There is a new brand in there now and you can only work with the sections they give you.
As if! : )

So I searched all over the store and found these in the fishing section. Whew. Crisis averted.

I decorated the outside with some scrapbooking supplies. The third box uses a discontinued SU scrapbooking kit and the top two have a bit of that plus some AC paper plus those fun Thickers.

For the insides I filled it with a few necessities I thought they could use including Post-Its, paper clips, push pins, binder clips, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, some energy drink mixes and chocolates!

And here are the matching cards for each box:
(Also for ScrapbookSteals MCM #46 card challenge)

(Also for ScrapbookSteals MCM #47 card challenge)

This poor card. After I put it together I realized I should have inked the edges. So I took it apart and inked the edges and put it back together. It's barely together and looks like I let the baby play with it! Oops.

And I managed to get these to the teachers only 1 week after school started! One day, I'll have something made by the time school starts.
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Jocelyn Olson said...

Holy cow! This is the coolest idea ever! You should make these and sell them (with different names, of course--LOL!) That was so clever of you to use fishing kits. And the contents--great ideas (energy drinks--hee hee). The cards are super cute. I'm really digging that circle flower you made. The papers are fun and cheerful, too. Okay, this is the longest comment ever! :)

Julie Koets said...

Great job Amber! I'm sure the teachers appreciated them!